Create a Neon effect in Adobe Photoshop

Updated: Sep 25

In this START 3TM (Tips & Tricks' Two Minutes) post/video, you will learn how to create a Neon effect in Adobe Photoshop.

As usual and fortunately, it doesn't need more than two minutes, and a creative mind to create wonderful artworks 😁.

Letus START:

1- Prepare your image

2- From the Tools, choose (Pen-Tool) and set it on (Shape) from (Tool options bar), then start drawing your Neon line:

3- Set the (Fill color) to (None):

4- Choose a color for the (Strok):

5- Make the stroke width thick enough:

6- From the Layer tab, click on (Add a mask) to create a mask for the shape layer:

7- From the Layer tab, click on (Opacity) and reduce it, enough to see the image behind it:

8- From the tools, choose the brush tool:

9- From tool options bar, click on the brush settings, and set the Hardness to 80%:

10- Using black color, draw above the mask to make the unwanted parts of the shape disappear:

11- Double click on the shape layer to add style to the layer:

12- Click on (Outer Glow) and set the

  • Opacity to: 100%

  • Noise: 0

  • Choose color

  • Spread: 0

  • Size: as much as it needs, to be bright like a neon line 🤩.

  • For me, I chose Light Orange:

13- Click on (Inner Glow) and set the

  • Opacity to: 50%

  • Noise: 0

  • Choose color

  • Choke: 0

  • And size enough to be visible without covering the original color of the neon line:

  • For me, I chose Orange:

14- From the Layer tab, click on (Create new fill) and choose (Solid Color):

15- Choose a color and click OK:

16- From the Layer tab, click on (Blend mode options) and choose (Color):

17- Reduce the Opacity to (10%):

And you're all set 😍

One more example:

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