Create a text portrait in Adobe Photoshop

Updated: Sep 25

In this START 3TM (Tips & Tricks' Two Minutes) post/video, you will learn how to create a text portrait in Adobe Photoshop.

As usual and fortunately, it doesn't need more than two minutes, and a creative mind to create wonderful artworks 😁.

Letus START:

1- Prepare your image:

2- Crop the image close enough to the face:

3- From the Layer tab, click on (Create new adjustment) and add (Black & White):

4- Modify the influence of colors:

5- From the Layers, click on the background layer:

6- Go to the (Filter) menu > choose (Blur) > choose (Gaussian Blur):

7- Increase the radius of Gaussian Blur to make the facial features become fairly clear:

8- Go to the (File) menu > choose (Save As):

9- Go to the (Window) menu > choose (History):

10- From the History tab, go a step backward to return the image without Gaussian Blur:

11- Using the Type tool press and hold from corner to corner to create a text box upon the whole image:

12- Paste your text in the text box:

13- From the Character tab:

  • make the text bold

  • And the text size is small enough to cover whole the face, but keep it readable

  • Click on the three-lines icon from the up right-hand corner of the Character tab and click on (All Caps).

  • Decrease the letter-spacing, but keep them readable

  • And decrease the line-spacing, but keep it readable

14- From the Paragraph tab:

  • Click on Justify last left /or right if you are typing an Arabic

  • Uncheck Hyphenate checkbox to avoid using the dashes at the end of the lines

  • Finally, delete the empty lines between paragraphs, and your text should be like the example below:

15- Go to the (Filter) menu > choose (Distort)> then click on (Displace):

16- A pop-up message will show up because you are applying a filter on a text layer, choose (Convert To Smart Object) to apply the filter without losing the ability to modify the text in the future:

17- From the Displace filter dialog box:

  • Set the Horizontal Scale and Vertical Scale to 10

  • Check: Stretch To Fit

  • Check: Repeat Edge Pixels

  • Check: File Data in Smart Object

And then click OK:

18- (Open File) dialog box will show up, find the blurry file that you saved previously and open it:

19- From the layer tab, make the text layer (the smart object layer) invisible:

20- On your keyboard, press and hold on CMD (on MAC) or CTRL (on PC) and on the text layer to select the text:

21- Go to (Edit) menu > and click on (Copy Merged):

22- Go to (File) menu > and click on (New):

23- Photoshop will automatically take your copied element dimensions, so just click on (Create):

24- Fill the background with color (for me I chose Black):

25- Go to (Edit) menu > and click on Paste:

26- From the layers tab, double click on the layer you just pasted on:

27- Click on (Color Overlay), and change the Blend Mode, Color and Opacity to whatever it fits your design needs:

And you're all set 😍

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